Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ME... again

OK..  Have you ever just hit the next blog button at the top?  WOW!!  It takes you on a journey of many types of people.  Many are artists. photographers, painters, moms and weirdos. 
i LOVED it!!
Very entertaining.
Please, check it out.
I loved looking at all the different designs on the sites.  I like mine.  It is very simple..  I have one question.  How do you make your picture show up under your follower user?  I already have a google account.  No biggie.  Just bothers me that I can't figure it out. 


  1. i KNEW I would figure it out as soon as I said it... YEAH ME!!!

  2. Yeah you! I had trouble with that too. I still am showing up as scu114 and Susan on some lists. Oh well-- just one thing at a time right?? This is a good picture of you Lisa--:)

  3. You look so happy in this picture! :) And you are so right about the adventure that Next Blog button can take you on. LOL