Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Beginnings....

This is a new venture for me.  A BLOG!!!  Who would have thought??  My friend Billie put this thought in my head about taking a picture a day and letting my kids have something to look back on..
This struck a chord with me.. I had been thinking since my mom died that I don't have enought pictures of myself.  Yes,  Most of us would say this.  I want to change this part of myself. 
My mom had so many pictures... she never complained about a picture.  Her life was full and she had a wonderful but short life.  
So we will see.  My life is boring.. Most will probably be pictures at the kitchen table..but it will be real.
FIRST!!!  I need to figure out how to move pictures from my camera to the blog..  Wish me luck!!!!
The camera will be out of the closet.. charged and on the counter.. TOMORROW!!!!

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